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What to do if someone has blocked you on facebook to unblock yourself?

Step 1: First of all create 3 email accounts & sign up on Facebook using those fake accounts. You must have 3 accounts on Facebook and don’t forget to confirm them .
Step 2: Next send a friend request from all the 3 accounts to the victim and you should be clever enough that your request must be accepted.
Step 3: You can create an account with a victim friend name and can say its a new account or if he has interest in music /dance anything, you can create an account like music lover, etc. and you can create an account with a girl name with an attractive display pic, so any boy will accept.
Step 4: Now go to http://www.facebook.com and click on “Forgot your password”
You will need to identify the victim’s account by using his Facebook name or Facebook name + Facebook friend’s name, Facebook E-mail. When you got the right account, click on  “This Is My account”
Step 5: After that, Facebook will suggest to recover password by existing email address. You need to bypass that by clicking on “No longer have access to these?”
Step 6: Next, Facebook will ask a secret question (if the victim has one), you also need to bypass that by entering the wrong answers three times. After that, Facebook will try to help you recover the password by the help of 3 friends and here comes the loophole.
Step 7: Now, one by one, select the three fake profiles that your victim added to his/her friends (the fake account must be at least three weeks old).
Step 8: After doing this you will get the verification code on your fake profiles, with those 3 codes you can easily change the password.
Note: The fake account must be friend with that person with at least 3 weeks and all 3 accounts must not be mutually friends.
I don’t know it will work or not but you can give it a try.